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        China Green Agriculture

        Inherit the core value of been one family 

        Persist‘creating value for customers’as our purpose

        Principle Markets
        Our leading five provinces for distribution are Hebei, Jilin, Liaoning, Shaanxi, and Beijing. The diversity of our distribution network is one of our strengths as it reduces risks associated with regional weather conditions, such as floods or freezes, from significantly impacting our sales.

        Our multi-tiered product strategy allows us to tailor our products to different needs and preferences of the Chinese fertilizer market, which vary greatly across the country. For example, in southern and eastern China, farmers are able to grow high-margin crops such as fruit and seasonal vegetables where climate and rainfall permits. As a result, they are able gain more return on investment from more expensive, specialized fertilizers. In northwest areas, agriculture is concentrated in low-margin crops, thereby necessitating a more broad spectrum, low cost fertilizer

        We currently produce and sell 355,000 metric tons of fertilizer per year, with average per mu usage of 120 ml per mu per year. Each farmer has about 4 mu of land (1 mu = .165 acres ,1 metric ton=1,000kg).